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                Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Huazi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
                Honesty Quality Service

                Main: crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, sand crusher


                ABOUT US

                Engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of crushers in mining machinery

                The company is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of crushers in mining machinery. The company has many years of experience in engineering services and equipment manufacturing in the design, development and manufacturing of crushers. The company has a solid technical foundation for its own characteristics, rigorous and meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service, always put product quality and customer experience-oriented services in an important position of work. The company's products cover most of the special equipment in large and medium-sized mining machinery, and at the same time undertake the design, manufacture and installation of non-standard equipment.

                With pioneering ideas, advanced awareness, and management mechanisms and workflows explored in practice, the company provides fast and convenient services for all enterprises! We warmly welcome new and old customers to call, write, and negotiate.

                The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, quality as the root, service win-win, and pursuit of perfection"; to create rotary jet equipment and drilling tools with continuous improvement and innovation. The company's research report "a recyclable anchor rigging device" has been authorized by the National Copyright Administration and obtained a certificate. The company's correct decision-making, pragmatic attitude and style, and the spirit of unity and cooperation have enabled 
                Shanghai Huazi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to maintain a stable development. In the future development, the company will cooperate with new and old customers in a friendly way. Create a better tomorrow.

                Copy right ? 2019 Shanghai Huazi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.