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                Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Huazi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
                Honesty Quality Service

                Main: crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, sand crusher



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                Product description
                This series of crushers has the advantages of crushing equipment technology at home and abroad. After research and improvement, the structural design is optimized. Reasonable three-chamber crushing chamber combination, novel adjustment mechanism, control product granularity is fine and uniform, easy to repair and maintain the device, make the hammer head change, the sieve plate is convenient, the wear parts are all made of new multi-element high-alloy wear-resistant material to ensure the hammer head The wear resistance and impact resistance of the liner. The PCD series ultra-high detail crusher runs smoothly, with low dust and low power consumption.

                Product characteristics
                First, high efficiency and energy saving
                Reduce motor energy consumption by 30% at the same output
                Second. Fine breaking efficiency
                New particle size adjustment device, discharge granularity ≤ 3mm, accounting for 85%
                Third, long use time
                New vanadium-niobium multi-element alloy hammer head with adjustable head for 3~4 times life expectancy
                Fourth, short-distance work
                Larger crushing, clinker one or two, limestone second and third grade can be combined into one-stage crushing
                Five, easy to maintain
                The rear cover of the upper chassis can be opened, and the replacement and maintenance are convenient.

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