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                Main: crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, sand crusher



                Main structure of jaw crusher

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                1. Rack part: It consists of side plate, front box assembly and back box weldment.
                2. The eccentric shaft rotating part: mainly composed of moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, bearing seat and pulley. It is the main part of the transmission of power.
                3. Working part of the crushing chamber: It is mainly composed of fixed jaw plate, moving jaw plate, side liner plate, guard plate, etc. It is a working part of broken material.
                4. Safety device: It consists of a bracket, a bracket, a spring, a spring tie rod, etc. It is a part of the crusher that acts as an insurance under abnormal conditions.
                5. Discharge port adjustment device: This device is used to adjust the size of the discharge opening and control the discharge granularity. Mainly consists of adjusting the fixed oblique block, adjusting the sliding oblique block, the top wire bolt, the slider locking lever and the like.

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