C-in-B design notes

Comrades in Battle (C-in-B) is a partially Card-driven rule system which regulates play with miniatures on a wargames table, to represent skirmish actions of the American Civil War 1861 – 1865 (ACW).

C-in-B is based in our well known game COMPANY COMMANDER with modifications to re-scale the game for more full skirmish actions.

For those who regularly play table top wargames, the concept will provide them with a different experience that gives a true flavour of small actions involving just a few men up to a small squad.


For example: a Confederate cavalry raiding party arrive at a small but key railway junction where they tear up the lines and pile the wooden sleepers for burning. The main body move off to the next objective, while a dozen men, under the command of a Sergeant-major, remain behind to ensure the sleepers are beyond use. Suddenly, they hear the approach of footsteps which can only be the enemy. It’s too late to dash for freedom so they will have to fight.

Fortunately, the enemy is only a little stronger in numbers than them, so they are hopeful of a good outcome… This is just one scenario that the players’ imaginations might come up with. In the rulebook, there are others.