Full Captain FAQ


Full Captain is a “Live” Kickstarter project, during the process of the project we will be updating details, responding to questions, adding pictures and, special rewards to generate interest and confidence in our project. We have posed 10 questions from comments we have received and placed the answers in the “FAQ” section of the project – please check them out.

First of all why FULL CAPTAIN instead of POST CAPTAIN?

We encountered a shoal soon after putting back to sea. We caught sight of another “Post Captain” through our spy-glass en route from the USA. Unknown to us, another rule set titled “Post Captain” was launched around a year earlier than ours and, having no wish to create confusion between the two, we have decided to re-name our version “Full Captain”, which was an alternative term used historically for the same rank. However, the two rule sets deal with different aspects of naval warfare in the age of sail.

The revised name will appear on this Kickstarter project shortly, once we have had time to make the necessary modifications. Having navigated those choppy waters, we hope you’ll sign on for the rest of the voyage…

1.- Full Captain Naval Tactical Wargame, what that does that mean?

Full Captain simulates the final phases of all naval combats. Most existing Naval Wargames Rules simulate naval engagements involving the chase, approach, gunnery and boarding, the last two generally in abstracted terms.  Full Captain focusses on when the approach phase has been completed and the ships are at full gunnery distance, when their Captains must decide whether to evade, manoeuver to destroy or force the surrender or destruction of his enemy by gunfire, or boarding and take the enemy ship as a prize.

2.- What is the scale of Full Captain Ships & Miniatures?

To play Full Captain, both ships and crew miniatures are necessary. The scale (10 mm) was decided on in order to play “comfortably” on a reasonably-sized gaming table (about 120 cm x 120 – 160 cm). The for the crew is 1 miniature equivalent to is about 6-10 men (depending on the size of the ship).

3.- How are the miniatures used in the game?

Miniatures can be based individually and placed on the deck of the model but, when a ship kit is fully assembled and rigged, it might be difficult to place all the required miniatures on its deck and manoeuvre them without difficulty. To allow players to move and track crew miniatures on each ship, we provide fully coloured “deck boards” for each type of ship.

These boards can be placed at the edge of the gaming table, near the ship’s owner, with the crew selected for each ship placed on its deck board.

5.- How to use are the ships used in the game?

Ships are supplied in an easy-to-assemble wooden kit, we include a selection of guns, carronades and swivel guns for the upper deck and cannon to place on lower decks if desired. The ships are moved on the game table, simulating accurate naval manoeuvres and changes of direction, according to wind direction and force or the use of ships’ oars if the ship is so equipped.

Ships fire their guns in a historical manner, depending on the type and mounting, subject to sufficient crew to man them and officers to order the gunners to fire; if there are no officers… no guns can be fired.

5.- How are the crew used in the game?

There are three categories of crew: officers, sailors and marines.

Officers command the ships and crew – a ship with no officers can not operate.

Sailors man the guns and rigging and fight in boarding or small arms combat.

Marines fire small arms against the enemy crew, and are the most effective in boarding actions.

6.- What type of ships can take part in the game?

In our range, there are 4 different gunboats, 2 different Cutters, 1 bomb ketch, 2 Brigs, 1 Sloop of War, 1 Xebec, 2 Frigates, 1 50 – 55 Gunner, 1 Indiaman (armed Merchant), 1 74 gunner… a total of 16 different kits some with different options included and more planned.

In the game, the ship cards provide the means for differentiating ships of the same type but with different identities and gunnery combinations so the options are huge.

7.- What Navies are represented in the figure range?

We have a selection of miniatures with accurately researched uniforms for the 1780-1815 naval era of the Royal Navy, French Navy, US Navy, Spanish Navy and Corsairs.

8.- What are the game mechanics?

The game is based on an initiative determination, followed by activation and bound actions, to activate a ship, players roll a die and, depending on the result and the quality of its crew, the ship is active and can perform actions in its turn. Active ships, in a bound, can move, manoeuvre, fire guns or small arms, board an enemy ship, combat, rig sails, etc.

The game  comes with a selection of cards for the ships, the crew and a special set of Letters of Marque Cards that are designed to introduce unexpected and unpredictable events and actions of the kind that often happened historically in sailing and naval combats. Most cards are of benefit to the player but some contain a sting. These cards can alter the initiative, even the sequence of the game.

9.- How many ships are needed to play?

A single game could be played between two small gunboats, although the same rules allow an engagement between small flotillas of small ships, 5th or 6th rate to be played – or even a large engagement, between 4 four big 74 gun ships of the line. The rules has have the flexibility to play a wide variety of games.

10.- What is included in the rules and can I buy more ships & crew in the Kickstarter ?

The rule book, with game tokens and two ship kits, plus a total of 80 cards are included as part of each pledge.

When the Kickstarter project has been funded we will open a special section in our website at www.shop.capitangames.com where only the backers of the project will have the opportunity to buy more ships and crews at a very special price to complete their flotillas, before we ship the rewards. To do so register in our web shop, and send an email to info@studiocapitan.com and we will activate your account to purchase more ships, crews and guns.