Spain In Flames


Spain in Flames is back!!!”

 Our well known Spanish Civil War wargames rules and army organization “Spain in Flames” are now available via digital download.
In the 93-page book you will find comprehensive and exhaustive rules and organisations to play Spanish Civil War wargames, with battalion, company and platoon level organisations, ranging from the Regular Republican, International Brigades, Legionarios, Requetes, Guardia de Asalto, Guardia Civil, … and much more, plus data of vehicles and equipment… Spain in Flames, also includes a painting guide for armies and vehicles of the Spanish Civil War
A must-have for any wargamer interested in the Civil War.  At the moment, only the Spanish language version is available, but the visual layout alone will be useful for non Spanish speakers.
You could buy it at our webshop via Wargames Vault
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